The company has more than 500 sets of advanced fountain loom, 4 sets of draw-texturing spinning machine and more then 10 sets of other relevant supporting equipment. The company applies advanced high speed mechanical and electrical integration fountain loom for scale production, and produces high added value interfacing and backing cloth that is used for clothing, so as to gradually improve the market competitiveness of Datong Baofu Textile Science and Technology Co., Ltd. The company applies advanced environmental color silk as raw material to avoid the local environmental pollution caused by dyeing steps.

The company introduces several Taiwan’s famous double liquid flow dyeing machine, applies the dyestuff and dyeing auxiliaries that has environmental friendly leading technology, the dyestuff has a good levelness and bright color, good hand feeling, good core penetration and high color fastness, meet international environmental requirements.
The water treatment uses filter system, sludge dewatering system, air-floating system and wet static purification system. All indexes meet general international environmental requirements.